How can you offer your service without any commission?

We can offer the service without any commission because we let the governments treasurers administrate the money, who are paid by taxes, so 100% of the funds can go directly into the projects. We only communicate the treasurers bank accounts.

Are my donations to the projects tax-deductible?

Whether the donations are tax-deductible depends on the country and the institution responsible for the project and the country of the donator. In Germany donations to governments are usually tax-deductible.

What happens when not enough money gets raised?

When not enough money gets raised, the treasurers have the opportunity to supply further money through taxes.

In which row do the governments consider the suggestions?

We demand in the row of the best voting score an answer from the governments on the suggestions.

How long does it take until a government replies to a suggestion?

It can last years until a suggestion gets a response. It is the duty for governments in some countries like Germany to accept or reject the suggestions because we legally form them as petitions and the German petition law obliges the governments to consider the petitions. But they don’t need to state a reason for their decision.

How do you make money?

We want to show selected advertisement and sell premium versions with some extra features. There we place value on making the listing of suggestions and crowdfunding campaigns not buyable. Premium features could be for example: no advertisement, a special listing for donations, a voluntary premium-tag in the profile, a dark mode and further app-icons. In addition there will be the opportunity to buy extra stickers which can be added to posts. For us is important that all important features always stay for free. We start the monetization slowly and iterative.